Saturday, January 26, 2008


She was about nine or ten years old. We were at a church service at my home church, Saint Mary's Holiness Church in Dobbins Heights NC. The spirit of the Lord was very very high in the church. That day there was no room to even sit down. This little girl was sitting on one of the bleaches and the spirit of the Lord, working through one of his vessels called the child out. You see the amazing thing about this story is that when this child was born she couldn't hear or talk, and the doctors said that she never would. But that day one of the many miracles that I have seen God perform happen,,,,,, That child after many years of silence, spoke my name. God open her ears and her mouth that day. Her name is not being published to protect her privacy. But I am a person that can tell you that with the faith of a mustard seed, as written in the Bible and in my heart,,,,GOD CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS if you would only ask with a sincere heart, and believe that anything is possible, I tell you, He will do it for you.

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