Saturday, January 26, 2008


One morning I was getting ready to go to school and I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror, all of a sudden my light bub just busted into thin air it seemed like. I remember thinking to myself that something is wrong. About 15 min. later my telephone rang, It was my sister. She was crying uncontrolable on the phone, I could barely understand what she was saying. She asked me to please come to the hospital because her little newborn baby was very sick. I told her that I was on my way. When I got there I had no ideal what to expect. Everyone was in the waiting room and the Hospital Chaplin was also there. The little baby was lying in her crib for no one knows how long and she was not breathing. When my sister realized that she rushed her to the hospital. They said her heart had stopped several times, and they were having a lost of trouble keeping her alive. She (my sister) with a trembling in her voice, asked me to pray for her baby. You see my family knows that I know that God can raise the dead. And that was the prayer that had to be prayed. (THE LAZARUS PRAYER). One of the nurses coming out to give updates took me back to where they had been working on the baby for hours trying to keep her alive. When I got in the room it was about seven or eight Doctors and nurses around the baby. There was no room for anyone else to be there, but they let me in at my sisters request. You see they had give my little niece up, that's why the Chaplin was there. When I saw my niece she wasn't responsive. That little tiny body was so lifeless. I reached down and took her hands, (I remember they were very cold) and I looked up to heaven, because I knew that with all that knowledge around her bed, The Only Person that could help my niece was God, and you know what, He Did. When I took my niece hand and looked up towards heaven I whispered a small prayer in my spirit, it don't take much, just Faith. When I looked back down at the baby I saw that her eyes were open. For the first time the Doctor told me since she had been admitted.
She was finally breathing on her own, faintly, but breathing.
They got her stabilized and put her on a breathing machine, she was still very weak, but she was Alive. Today that precious little baby is an adult now. And doing find. And we all know that it is because Of God. He Literally Brought Her Back From The Dead,,,,And I Saw It. Praise God For His Grace, Mercy and Healing Power. It was here Yesterday, It is here Today, And it will continue Forever, if you will only Believe.


She was about nine or ten years old. We were at a church service at my home church, Saint Mary's Holiness Church in Dobbins Heights NC. The spirit of the Lord was very very high in the church. That day there was no room to even sit down. This little girl was sitting on one of the bleaches and the spirit of the Lord, working through one of his vessels called the child out. You see the amazing thing about this story is that when this child was born she couldn't hear or talk, and the doctors said that she never would. But that day one of the many miracles that I have seen God perform happen,,,,,, That child after many years of silence, spoke my name. God open her ears and her mouth that day. Her name is not being published to protect her privacy. But I am a person that can tell you that with the faith of a mustard seed, as written in the Bible and in my heart,,,,GOD CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS if you would only ask with a sincere heart, and believe that anything is possible, I tell you, He will do it for you.